Budget-friendly vegetarian and vegan recipes - Tofu katsu bowl

There are so many brilliant reasons for enjoying veggie or vegan dishes. Getting more of the good stuff into your diet is always a good idea, but it can also be easier on your wallet and kinder to the planet.

So whether you’re looking for meat-free meals, or trying to get more plant-based foods into your diet, our favourite vegan and vegetarian recipes are sure to inspire you to cook vibrant veggies in new, exciting and delicious ways.



With a cheat’s dough that proves in no time at all and a delicious topping of juicy tomatoes, red peppers, sweet, sticky onions and melty cheese, this is a winning combination. Plus, it’s a cheaper alternative to a takeaway and you get 3 of your 5-a-day in one portion — so what are you waiting for? Get kneading!

This gorgeous one-pan lasagne is a real favourite. Making the most of frozen veg, it’s convenient, budget-friendly and deliciously nutritious, too. With layers of pasta, oozy cheesy sauce and a crunchy topping, this dish is a joy to make – getting creative layering the pasta sheets is all part of the fun and adds to the rustic charm of the recipe.

Soft potato, sweet red peppers and vibrant broccoli pair beautifully with eggs and Cheddar to make this super easy, super tasty dish. On the table in 30 minutes, the recipe is a simple, family-friendly addition to your regular repertoire, but also works well for picnics.

With a filling of roasted butternut squash and broccoli, embrace fresh veg with these delicate, flavourful dumplings. Crisp and soft in the same bite; they’re an absolute joy to eat. Feel free to mix up the veg – peas, asparagus and sweet potato would also work a treat.

Not only is this a gorgeously delicious curry, it’s got your full 5-a-day, too. Plus, it’s all cooked in the microwave, making it an energy-efficient dish. So give it a go – it’s sure to be a game-changer when it comes to curry night.

Pasta is often a family favourite, so it’s a great way to squeeze some extra veg into your diet. Jamie uses vibrant fresh broccoli, spinach and frozen peas in this versatile dish; but any green veg you have would work. Simple, but boy, is it good! Want to make it vegan? Swap in a plant-based cheese in place of Parmesan.

The classic combo of creamy feta and vibrant spinach packed into flaky filo pastry makes this vegetarian pie a cracking weekend lunch. Crisp yet comforting, the filo makes for a deliciously light pie. Swapping the Cheddar for another cheese, such as goat’s cheese or Red Leicester, would also work well. Delicious with a simple salad. 

Gently spiced fluffy rice with crisp roast veg topped with silky poached eggs and juicy pomegranate seeds makes for a glorious riot of flavours and textures. The ultimate warming dish, treat your tastebuds and add colour to your plate with this recipe. It’s perfect for a celebratory brunch, or if you want something a little special for dinner.

The crispy-creaminess of this easy fritter recipe works wonderfully with the accompanying tomato and feta salad. And, in our book, there’s nothing wrong with a wonky fritter, so don’t worry too much about how you shape them— the taste will still be magical! And for an added bonus, they’re cooked in one pan, meaning less washing up, and can be on the table in 20 minutes


Juicy aubergine drizzled with sweet and salty teriyaki sauce, finished with fresh chilli and peanuts for a lovely warmth and crunch… what’s not to like?. This five-ingredient stunner is quick, easy and oh-so tasty, making it a winning midweek dinner option.

This spectacular dish heroes the humble cauliflower, giving it the love it deserves. The spiced cauli sits on creamy beans and lentils, and is delicious mopped up with bread or fluffy rice. It’s a fantastic side dish, but would also hold its own as a main course — just the ticket for a flavour-packed vegan centrepiece. 

A good chilli always goes down a storm and is great for feeding a crowd. This hearty vegan version is packed with sweet potato, mixed peppers and beans, helping you get in that protein, for extra goodness and flavour. And it can flex to whatever veg you have in, too. Tasty served with rice or tortilla chips — it’s your call. Or simply batch-cook and freeze: your future self will thank you. 

Rich and smoky in flavour, with an easy method and costing less than £1 a portion, this dish is a total winner. You can enjoy it as a main with rice, or as part of a curry spread along with paneer or squash curry. And freeze any leftovers for a rainy day.

Looking for something fun to make with the kids? Buddy’s beans will go down a storm. Beautiful spices give these beans a smoky flavour that will keep them coming back for more – which is great as beans are packed with fibre and protein and count as one of your 5-a-day. Brilliant served on a baked sweet potato or with rice and a green salad. 

This hearty tagine is the perfect way to smash your 5-a-day! Full of aubergine, pumpkin and courgette, with big flavours coming from coriander, cumin and saffron; this is comfort food at its best. Simply serve with couscous.

In these colourful rice bowls, Jamie has rearranged the different elements of a classic katsu curry to give you everything you love about the iconic dish, but taking a fraction of the time. Game-changing flavours come through with curry powder, miso and mango chutney with a side of charred pineapple. It’s a total treat — get ready to dig in!

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