poached pears in a pan - october recipe

The golden month of harvest festivals and Halloween, October is all about autumn fruits, earthy mushrooms and – of course – pumpkins!

There’s so much goodness to be enjoyed in October. Seasonal ingredients include beautifully sweet apples and pears, vibrant squash and earthy mushrooms, helping us to feel all cosy and comforted as we head towards the cold of winter. Lots of native British seafood and shellfish are also in season in October, with even more to come by the end of the year – think clams, mussels and white fish like coley and hake.

If you’re wondering what to eat in October in the UK, here are our favourite recipes using the month’s best seasonal ingredients. 

Seasonal fruit recipes in October

Autumn means apple season here in the UK. So when it comes to recipes, we’re talking classic desserts, sweet sauces and the perfect accompaniments to pork. Our proper apple crumble has to be our favourite apple recipe, and is the epitome of the perfect autumn pud. Beautifully pillowy cooked apple pairs deliciously with a crunchy crumble topping – all it needs is a little cream or custard to finish..

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You can’t beat a beautifully ripe pear, and October is the time to find them! Pears are gorgeous in all sorts of sweet bakes and puds, plus they’re perfect partners to roast pork. Dive into this pear-roasted pork loin for a memorable Sunday roast, or dish up a tasty pud such as this pear tart tatin.

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Seasonal vegetable recipes for October

A pumpkin’s not just for Halloween! As well as carving a jack o’lantern on the 31st, make sure you enjoy this brilliant veg throughout the rest of the month, too. Go for something like this comforting stuffed and baked pumpkin, or spend a little time making a show-stopping pumpkin pie. It’s worth the effort, we promise!

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Winter squash comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours, and includes both pumpkins and butternut squash. It’s one of the best October ingredients as it goes so well with a huge variety of dishes, from this wonderful cheat’s squash pasta to a fragrant squash curry or silky squash risotto.

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As mushroom season continues into October, make the most of this flavour-packed little powerhouse with our recipes. This chicken and mushroom puff pie is an absolute banger of a one-tray wonder, or try our mushroom farfalle with apple salad – it’s the ultimate October seasonal saviour.

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As soon as leeks come into season, it’s time to get blitzing up our favourite dishes. This super leek and potato soup recipe is a winner, taken to another level with the addition of nutrient-packed kale and lovely fresh herbs to really make the flavours sing. Our sweet leek carbonara and easy quiche leekraine also make the perfect recipes for using up a glut of leeks you’ve homegrown or bought at the supermarket this October.

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Other seasonal produce in October

The ‘Glorious 12th’ (12 August) marks the start of the British game season, and by October it’s in full swing. Ask your butcher for seasonal recommendations, and keep an eye out for venison, partridge or pigeon at the meat counter of your supermarket. Slow cook pigeon for a stunning autumn stew, or try a delicious Venison wellington.

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The peak season for buying lovely fresh mussels starts in October and carries on through to March. This one-pot smoky mussel laksa from our new book ONE tastes incredible and takes less than 20 minutes to make. Or try these creamy Cornish mussels or super easy sweetcorn and mussel chowder instead – delicious!

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You can buy clams all year round, but it’s when the UK enters the colder months they’re at their very best. Vongole is a classic Italian pasta dish that heroes the delicate shellfish, but this ‘nduja vongole recipe adds another spicy dimension, using just five ingredients. Our baked clams with roasted shallots and fennel is another clam recipe that would also go down a treat as a dinner party show-stopper. 

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