scattered pieces of salmon for salmon recipes

Our five favourite salmon recipes are so simple to cook, taste amazing and can really make your midweek meals sing.

Salmon is a beautiful fish, and is a really brilliant, easy way of getting omega-3 and essential fatty acids into our diets. These salmon recipes come grilled, steamed, pan-fried, roasted or poached, meaning you barely have to take a peek while it cooks away – the magic is all in the prep.

Let it soak up your delicious marinade, get the skin nice and crispy and serve with some seriously simple side dishes that help bring the whole dish to life. These are five of the best salmon dinner ideas you can cook up as a quick mid-week meal or even for a time you really want to impress.

Just looking to find out how to cook salmon? Watch our video guide.


The great thing about steaming salmon is that it’s so easy to get your fish just-right. This super speedy steamed salmon recipe is a one-pot wonder, perfect for a simple family supper any night of the week.


If you’re tight for time, this is a great way of cooking salmon. You can leave it ticking away while you crack on with the rest of the dish. This sweet and sticky marinated and grilled salmon recipe is perfect for feeding a crowd.


To add another layer of texture to your dinner, try pan-frying salmon to create a beautifully crisp skin. This sesame seared salmon is bursting with flavour, Provides three of your 5-a-day and is ready in just 20 minutes!


Let your oven do the work and roast your salmon for tender, flaky fish. This tray-baked salmon recipe is a great place to start, and you can add your own twist by using whatever vegetables are in season.


This is a simple way to add extra flavour to your fish. Try mixing-up the poaching liquor for differing results – fish or vegetable stock is a good place to start. For an easy lunch or light supper, give this warm poached salmon salad a whirl.

Can’t get your hands on salmon? Trout is a great alternative that carries flavour really well, and can be swapped seamlessly into any of these salmon recipes. For more information on salmon, including seasonality, sustainability and buying advice, check out our ultimate guide.